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Yesterday, a rainy Monday in New York City, I stood on line to enter MoMA. I didn’t mind the wait in the wet weather since this would be my first visit in over seven months. I had bought the first slot for entrance to the museum, as It seems that anything you want to do in the public realm these days requires you to buy a timed ticket.

I moved up the line, had the mandatory temperature check and walked though an infrared machine.

Since my temperature passed the acceptable range, I walked to the admission desk to show my ticket. However, my friend seemed to have an issue with her temperature.

Or rather, the lack of it.

After three slightly awkward tries without getting a reading, the guard aimed the thermometer at her wrist.

Still, no reading.

He tried one more time on her forehead, and viola, her temperature was read, accepted, and we were on our way.

Ah, technology…

Once in, we had to decide what to see, though it almost didn’t matter to us where we went. But as is our usual ritual, we started at the top. The work of Donald Judd was still on view; the famous minimalist who also created Marfa, an art destination deep in a remote part of Texas.

I will get there to visit at some point.

It’s on my Someday list.

While I am not a huge fan of the minimalism of Judd’s work, seen together here as a collection there is a dialogue among the pieces that I had not heard before. Especially since there were works I was not familiar with and were not all constructed out of 90 degree angles. In fact, one piece looked distinctly like a bangle bracelet to me, in a beautiful bright red enamel.

Though, I have often been known to transpose all types of things into pieces of jewelry.

Traveling downstairs to the rest of the exhibits was like going to an art reunion. Viewing works I have not been up close to in quite some time made me quite happy.

Trying to remember to keep my distance from other visitors took a bit of getting used to and often forgotten when I was entranced by an artwork.

After taking in three Monets, two Picassos, one Van Gogh, and many other artists and art movements, we were still not quite ready to leave.

There was still, of course, the requisite visit to the gift shop.

So, while things might not return back to normal as we knew it, they are, for the time being, returning to back to artful.






Five Down. September 08 2019, 0 Comments

Stones have fascinated me since I was young. As a jewelry designer it was only natural that I include them in my work.